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20 June 2018

Radiomar is featured in the article "Under Control", from the Brazilian magazine “Portos e Navios”, about traffic control systems

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    Wednesday, 20 June 2018
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Radiomar is featured in the article "Under Control", from the Brazilian magazine “Portos e Navios”, about traffic control systems.
Radiomar observes the growth of coastal and port control influenced by the greater demand for safeguarding human life. Another factor is the increased risks from terrorist threats. Also related are: the need to increase environmental control and the demand for law enforcement in coastal areas, besides greater security and efficiency of the port operation itself.
In the area of traffic control, Radiomar is a partner of Nobeltec, through the product Time Zero Coastal Monitoring, a VTS system adapted for ports and terminals of medium and small size. "We are fully prepared to act as service provider of facilities and maintenance for the main brands that are the leading suppliers of VTMIS systems,", according to the company.
The sensors used in the VTMIS systems (radars, cameras, AIS, meteorological sensors) have original application in embedded systems, specialty of Radiomar. The application for port systems represents an extension of this application and sometimes a simplification, since they are static installations.
Radiomar points out the need for enforcement actions resulting from international agreements to control areas of a certain port, which guarantees less risk to the next port of call. The company mentions the ISPS Code (International Ship and Port Facility Security Code), an international code that addresses security and protection of ships and port facilities. There is a need for better monitoring of environmental impacts and the law enforcement, as well as the need for marginal gains in port operation efficiency, by reducing accident risks and coordinating port activities.
Radiomar believes that with the resumption of growth, there will be, on average, two hired systems per year, starting in 2019.   In addition, there are private ports searching for their own VTS solution, such as the Port of Açu. This market must demand medium complexity systems. "The expectation is positive for this sector, mainly with the gradual understanding of the direct and indirect gains from the adoption of systems that increase the safety and efficiency of the operation", the company says.
The supplier installed and commissioned the coastal surveillance system for Transpetro terminal in São Francisco do Sul (SC). The demand came from a need to coordinate the oil transfer actions to that terminal through a mono buoys and to meet the security requirements, demanded by the ISPS Code for that terminal.
The recent Brazilian economic scenario required many efforts to reduce costs in order to keep businesses active, which had deep negative consequences in the search for new tools to increase efficiency and reduce risks. "Once the expectation of growth is realized, we believe that there will be a growing demand that will enable the ports to follow international standards", believes Radiomar.
Article "Under Control", from Portos e Navios magazine.


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